Talc Powder

Talc Powder

The other terms that are used for Talc is Soapstone or Magnesium Silicate. It has uses in different industries such as Talc Powder, Paint industries, food industries, paper industries and others as this is a natural mineral. The features of talc that are often important requirements for the use in Paints, plastics, polymer, rubber, pharmaceutical, and others as overseas are the prominent supply of talc of high purity and whiteness. At leading industry prices is how our products are available.

With the right type of effectiveness and timely delivery, we provide you the best range of crystallized talc powder, and white talc powder. Our talc has high magnesium oxide upto 31.5% which is the highest purity that is available in India. The talc powder that we provide is used widely in the manufacturing of paints, polymers, cosmetic and other products.

Uses of Talc Powder

  • Agriculture and Food: Talc is effective dispersing agent and die lubricant and helps with animal feed and fertilizers plants to function more efficiently as it is an effective anti-caking agent. It makes an ideal inert carrier in the premixes and agricultural chemicals. In a number of popular foods that includes chewing gum, boiled sweets, cured meats, and for rice polishing, talc is used. It also increases the yield and improves the clarity of the oil in olive oil production as a processing aid.
  • Ceramics: To impart a massive range of functions to the floor and wall tiles and sanitaryware, tableware, and technical ceramics, talc is a phyllosilicate. It is used mainly as a flux, that enables firing temperatures and cycles to be reduced in the traditional building ceramics. Chlorite-rich talc is transformed into cordierite for the improvement of thermal shock resistance in refractory applications.
  • Coatings: A while range of benefits to coatings is conferred through it. They act as extenders for the improvement in hiding power and titanium dioxide efficiency in the interiors and exterior decorative paints. Matting is also enhanced through it. Talc is used for the improvement of corrosion resistance and paint adhesion in anti-corrosion primers. To the inks, jointing compounds, putties and adhesives, talc also brings in the right kind of benefits.
  • Paper: To improve the printability as well as to reduce the surface friction, giving substantial improvements in productivity at the paper mill and print house, talc is used in both coated and uncoated rotogravure papers. It reduces ink scuff in offset papers, and also improves the mattness.
  • Personal Care: Talc has been valued for centuries as a body powder as it is soft to the touch and inert. Today in several cosmetic products to offer the silkiness in blushes, powder compacts and eye shadows, it plays a very important role. Talc is an ideal excipient that is used as a glidant, lubricant and diluent, in the pharmaceuticals. To enhance skin care performance, soap manufacturers also uses talc.
  • Plastics: For instance for the higher stiffness and improved dimensional stability, talc impacts a variety of benefits to polypropylene. Household appliances and white goods as well as the automotive parts, talc is used. For obtaining the finest talc without diminishing the reinforcing power of its lamellar structures it requires advanced milling technology.

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