Silica is a massive demand of the market today and Global Overseas offers high quality of silica for you. Companies that are involved in oil and natural gas recovering in conventional and unconventional resource plays, commercial silica sand is widely used. By crushing, grinding, and washing the high quality of quartz, quartzite rocks or from white silica sand, silica flour is produced. It is with the use of premium raw materials, our products are specially made and they conform to international management systems of quality when it comes to the products.

To the neighboring states, National and multi-national organizations that are occupied with the assembling of glass making, foundries, grating, tennis covering, granulating media and so on, we are offering Quartz Silica Sand at quite reasonable costs. At best prices, we promise to supply finest mineral. High quality product is purchased by the buyers from different parts of the country.

Silica used for supplements

They basically shipped and mined the mineral and made supplements after a proper check by the companies that have manufactured the silica supplement. In areas with large deliberations of quartz sand and sandstone, silica is generally found. From these areas, silica is collected and is arranged in different forms that are used to make the health supplements that are beneficial for human health. It is also good for making the health supplements as some of the plant ashes also carry silica in them.

Silica found in food

Silica is found in numerous food items. Though over the years, the levels of silica is foods have diminished considerably. For the prevention of the deficiency of this mineral in the body today, the demand of silica is rising quite high due to this fact here.

Aspects of Silica

The mineral is known for its aspects like water soluble and hardness as it is very heat resistant. Silica is also used in food additives, concrete production, structured materials, microelectronic and pharmaceutical applications other than making supplements.

Benefits of silica

In terms of health, the use of silica is also very beneficial. The following are some of the benefits of silica:

  • Good for joints and bones - Your body cannot use and absorb silica though we have often heard that vitamin D and calcium are good for the bones and joints. For more effectiveness, silica is very imperative as the bones are composed of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and minerals. For the healing of the fractures and other bone related issues, it is very effective.
  • Silica for Immune System - Silica plays the important role in the immune system. This is the mineral that is responsible for the manufacturing process of antigens and antioxidants as it can also convert Lymphocyte B into Lymphocyte T. Due to its positive results on the lymphatic system, it can also help to decrease the swelling.

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