Compared to the other igneous rocks, Limestone is less resistant but they are more resistant than the most of the other sedimentary rocks. One of the major suppliers of Limestone is Global Overseas. In the industries of power and heat, is how they are used along with the other industries including construction industry, Plasters & Putties, Glass, Agro, Water Purification & various others. By delivering only flawless range of GCC, as we store the complete batch in our capacious warehousing unit that is well-structured and maintained is what we ensure to complete the contentment.

It stands up well to the exposure and they are quite long-lasting too. We are the best suppliers of the highest quality limestone that is quite attractive material and can best suit your manufacturing needs.. With the range of our services that is available with the customized dimensions as per the requirement is something that is going to please our clients.

Uses of Limestone in many spheres

  • Walls - For creating walls and foundation, builders can make use of the limestone mixtures. This will make sure that the home stands up against any kind of natural calamities. About the quality of your home, you can also be sure about it since these are the materials that can last for quite a long time.
  • Glass - One of main elements in glass production is limestone. It can produce some sleek and durable glass materials such as mirrors and fixtures when they are heated with silica sand and sodium carbonate.
  • Industrial - Limestone tops the list of engineering and construction firms. This can blend with other aggregates to form cement when they are crushed.
  • Roads - Roads are pure asphalt, this is what many people believes in. It contributes to the strength of streets and highways when it comes to the limestone. The pressure of vehicles and buildings can be withstand by these surfaces. For places with humid weather, these are also good. Limestone is vulnerable to acid rain while it might resist heat.
  • Chemical - Limestone is a useful reactant and agent when they are crushed. It can yield a better result for your experiments and formulas when they are mixed with other substances. In the recent discoveries and inventions, scientific institutions recognize the liquid limestone.
  • Agriculture - To keep the soil in great condition, limestone can work with the fertilizers. The acid in the surface can be removed through it and it gives way for a bountiful harvests. Although it can alkalize the soil and kill crops in the process, it has a lot of exposure.

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