Crushed natural gypsum or synthetic gypsum is heated or calcined to dehydrate the feedstock for the production of gypsum board. A slurry is formed with the calcined gypsum when mixed with water and additives that is fed between continuous layers of recycled paper on a huge board machine. The core equipment of our plant and to ensure faultless operation and high efficiency, the crushing, drying, and calcinating units are used in the gypsum production lines.

Gypsum boards are a unique building material and it is also known as drywalls. It is turned into plaster by mixing it with fiberglass or paper as it is made of mineral gypsum. It is between the two sheets of paper on where it is laid. The board is then dried to form a strong board when it is heated by flame. With the use of drywall cutters or saws, it can be cut. For the building purposes, these drywalls can be cut into any desired size.

Common Benefits of Using Gypsum Board

For the construction of walls in majority of the homes the gypsum board was used in the early days. These drywall boards have several benefits in its usages. The drywalls seldom require professional application and can be laid easily and quickly unlike the plaster walls.

  • Comparatively inexpensive: The gypsum boards is inexpensive and are easy to be manufactured compared to the other building materials. Therefore to reduce the construction costs, it is widely used in huge buildings and homes.
  • Light in weight: The drywall boards are rigid through they are lighter in their weights. The surface is easy to be painted since it is quite smooth and continuous. When these drywalls are installed, the walls of the buildings remain beautiful and smooth.
  • Available in different sizes: To suit the building purposes of homes and apartments, the gypsum board can be cut into different sizes and shapes. In the form of sheets that can be used as ceilings and walls, these boards are also available in various sizes.
  • Easy to install: The drywall boards require no plaster to install as they can be installed easily. For the application, the boards do not require any professional skill.
  • Noise reduction: The noise level can be reduced to greatest level with the application of gypsum board.
  • Easy remodeling: Using the drywall boards as it is relatively easier to install involving lesser cost, larger building areas can be remodeled easily.
  • Quick completion of interiors: Interiors of homes and offices can be completed quickly and easily with the use of gypsum board. It is completely negated when it comes to the possibility of the cracks within the wall. For the installation of these walls, there is no need of plaster. The owners of the home can install them without any help from professionals.
  • Sound insulation: The ability to prevent the spread of fire is the other added advantage of the drywall boards. According to specific requirements, the thickness of the board varies. The board requires around 5/8 inches of thickness for fire and sound proof boards.
There are endless number of manufacturers and suppliers of this distinctive and exclusive building material land these gypsum boards is used globally. From many of the online stores at affordable prices, it can be bought.

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