Natural Calcium Carbonate

Natural Calcium Carbonate (Caco3)

At Global Overseas, we are offering premium quality Natural Calcium Carbonate to our clients in massive quantity.

We offer various coated & uncoated grades of Calcium Carbonate as we leverage on our expertise and experience in course & ultrafine particle size Grinding & coating. It can print the characteristics of proper products, enhance the finished product properties improves the machine productivity due to its softness in nature ,our GCC is widely used in the Polymer, Paper, Paints &Coatings as well as in Poultry feed apart from a highly sophisticated application of Dental Care.

It should be based on the quality of outcome and that is the reason why we have focused more on smart Research and Development with the well-equipped laboratory of Highly Competent people working there with an aim of producing the finest results for our valuable clients is what we should believe in.

It is found naturally as marble, limestone, chalk, and aragonite when it comes to calcium carbonate. It is considered as the rich source of calcium carbonate as CaC03. It is also known to reduce the acidity when it comes to a source of calcium carbonate. This compound is an excellent candidate to be used in making calcium tablets or supplements due to this reason here. The calcium supplements available in the market today has a variant on calcium carbonate that is known as coral calcium is what we can know.

It is relatively a less-known source of calcium carbonate when it comes to the coral calcium. Through the fossilized coral reefs in an environmentally friendly manner, the salt here is obtained. It is pure and free from any kind of impurities as it is available above the sea level. Coral calcium that is obtained from ASCOM, Egypt is the most refined form of salt as noted recently.

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